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Welcome to Sifting Through The Trash Media.

Sifting Through the Trash (STTT) began in 2011. In the six years since, owner and founder Claude Saravia (Gonzo) has produced thousands of articles and the site has been visited by people from all around the world.

In today’s landscape, there are so many different news sources; one can never truly be able to monitor it all at once. Throw in the so-called new phenomenon (maybe not so new) known as fake news and it can be hard to distinguish what is real and what is fake.  

Sifting Through the Trash will scour the internet mindlessly day after day and filter out all of the trash, fake news and overall useless information in search of the stories and articles that matter to our readers.

STTT originally had a focus on music, but we cover many topics from film to politics to political films. With the start of 2017, along with the beginning of the newest US administration, our focus has shifted towards the political landscape.

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